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Fund Application Guidelines

Who can apply

  • The grant is accessible only to Domain member organisations and individual members of the Ghana Culture Forum in good standing.

  • Applicants should have been members of the Forum for at least 6 months before they become eligible to apply.

  • Applicants should have paid their membership dues for about a year prior to the call for proposal.

  • The GCF Fund is a public fund. Applicants will therefore be required to state their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN).

Requirements of Grants to Organisations:

  1. Organisations must be formally recognised members of the Ghana Culture Forum, and duly registered with the Registrar Generalís Department. This includes domain associations.
  2. The Application must have the mandate of the Board / Management of the Institution/ Domain Association, with formal letters to that effect.
  3. Each applicant organisation must have a bank account with at least two signatories, vis, the Chairman/President and one other Executive.

Requirements of Grants to Individuals

  1. Individuals must operate within the cultural sector.
  2. Must be a registered member of a Ghana Culture Fund Domain
  3. Must belong to / have organization or institution duly registered at the Registrar Generalís Department as a cultural/ arts organisations/institution

Date Updated : 0000-00-00

UNESCO graciously provided the initial grant and technical expertise to support the institutionalisation and official launch of the Ghana Culture Forum. This website was constructed with funds provided by the grant.