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Initial Network Organisations

  1. Musicians Union of Ghana

  2. Ghana Actors Guild

  3. Ghana Concert Party Union

  4. Ghana Union of Theatre Societies

  5. Ghana Visual Arts Association

  6. Foundation for Contemporary Art

  7. Ghana Association of Writers

  8. Ghana Book Publishers Association

  9. Cook Art

  10. Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts

  11. Film Producers Association of Ghana

  12. Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry

  13. Centre for Communication and Culture

  14. MC and W Korporate  Phocus Ltd

  15. Youth Bridge Foundation

  16. Calabash Images

  17. Values for Life

  18. Ehalakasa

  19. Heritage Development

Date Updated : 2012-04-30

UNESCO graciously provided the initial grant and technical expertise to support the institutionalisation and official launch of the Ghana Culture Forum. This website was constructed with funds provided by the grant.